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Preparing For The Organization: Ways To Protect Your Cables

Preparing For The Organization: Ways To Protect Your Cables

Before starting the process of organizing cables using   cable protector outdoor, it is essential to define priorities. For the service to be done efficiently, it is necessary to follow some essential steps. Look:

Determine the fixed position of the equipment on your table

Check that all connected cables are required

Try to label all cables to know which is which

“Bone” Shaped Cable Shortener

Cables that cannot be cut can be downsized with this simple accessory. It is a support in the form of “bone.” In it, you can wind the wire in the middle and lock it at the ends, turning any oversized cable.Ideally, you use a firm and flexible material, such as rubber or EVA, but a piece of cardboard or plastic can also do the trick.

Paper Towel Roll

Cables that need organization aren’t always being used right now; chances are, you have a drawer — or box — with an endless tangle of wires, USB cables, cell phone chargers, and video cables. Finding something in there can be such a painstaking task that many people prefer to buy a new cable.To organize these wires, you can use the inside of a paper towel roll or even toilet paper. Just position the roller side by the side, creating a “bee hive.” Then, just put the wires in there to have access to them quickly.

Wire Organizers With Paper Clips

If you have a laptop on your desk, you probably also have a mouse and maybe even a keyboard connected to it. In addition, its power cable and other USB cables may also be attached to the device.If you remove the computer from the table, you will need to reconnect all the wires later; most likely, they will all be lying under the table. How about ending this problem and creating support for the wires?

Grab some paper clips and remove one of the hooks. It is now possible to pass the wires inside to reassemble the paper hook. With this, attach the clamp to the side of the table. Do this with all the wires; you’ll never have to crawl under the table to pick up the cables that fell out.